Entergy Louisiana, LLC - bill deposit - residential

Entergy Louisiana customers use electrical and/or gas service before paying for it. Each month’s bill reflects usage during the previous month. For this reason, new customers may be required to make a security deposit, which helps protect Entergy Louisiana and its customers from those who use electricity/gas and then leave without paying for it. Because such losses affect all of our customers, the security deposit helps us keep everyone’s costs down.

Deposit requirements – Customers have the option to pay all or part of the initial deposit before the first bill, but the initial deposit must be paid in full by first bill due date.

Arrangements cannot be made on a billed initial deposit.

Deposit to be billed in one (1) installment.

Entergy Louisiana, LLC Electric

Residence initial deposit

  • Electric & Gas $150.00
  • Electric Only - $150
  • Gas Only - $100 (This is the minimum deposit amount for a gas meter)
  • Maximum deposit with history at location can go to 2 times the highest bill


Temporary for construction (if account is set up in residential customer’s name)

Revenue class is I

Security light ONLY account

One (1) security light (175 W) $25

(Minimum deposit amount - $25)

More than one (1) security light (or a security light larger than 175 W)

Two times (2X) the monthly amount of the total cost of all lights requested